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How to solve frequent shut down of laptop


We are living in the era of science and technology. Computer is now part and parcel in our life. Advancement of technology, introduced more user friendly and mobile version of computer i.e. laptop. In one word, laptop is just a desktop computer packed into a portable unit that you can carry anywhere. You can, work on the move, use it when you are away from the office, it is a lot more convenient in offices. No doubt it has facilitated the user by all means. Like other electronic gadgets, it also have some common issues. Frequent shut down of laptop is one among other issues. I’ll elucidate here some of the possible causes that will help you out to determine the exact issues.

Overheating of laptop

Based on our experience on laptop repairing drawn up a conclusion that most of the cases frequent shut down of laptop is happened due to overheating.  Overheating of laptop is generally caused by excessive use. The old laptops after a long usage carry this major problem. Another possible cause of this problem is of cooling hardware or the dust problem. To fil this issue, check processor fan, case fan; apply paste on the processor. Don’t do it by yourself, take your laptop to professional service center or Lenovo Laptop Service Center in Kolkata for quick repair.

Battery of laptop

Excessive charging or long use of laptop are causes for frequent shutdown of laptop. Use battery monitoring tools to check that it’s working or not. If it is not, then you need to replace the old one with new battery. Make sure the battery has same amperes that the laptop requires, otherwise laptop might have troubles while working.

RAM of Laptop

Sometime laptop shut down due to displacement of RAM from its slots. Open the back portion of laptop where ram slot has, then unplug the RAM and plug it again. Check the laptop shut down issue is resolved or not. If the issue is continued, then contact with a service center.

Fault on power supply of laptop

When power supply is going to stop working the frequent shutdown occurred. Sometime laptop is totally dead due to power supply fault and no response when press power button. It is recommended to test the power supply and replace it if it is dead.

Display driver mismatch

If display driver is mismatched than laptop shut down automatically. Check the display driver is properly installed or not. Go to the device manager and reinstall the driver or update the drive with latest version.

Virus or Malware issue

Virus, malware or trojen horses be able to shut down laptop frequently. Install antivirus software and run total virus scan of your laptop.

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